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commercial Office

Are you tired of receiving phone calls from your central station monitoring at 3am? Your business office needs a reliable alarm system that you can count on. Pace Protection is the only system that guarantees you will never have a false alarm fine or we will pay for it. Pace Protection also provides the best access control system in San Antonio, TX or South Texas area for a fraction of the cost. Rather you run a small shop or a booming operation, your business is vulnerable on a variety of fronts. Burglars looking for cash or inventory aren’t the only threat. Employee shrink is a growing issue in San Antonio, TX and the South Texas area and Pace Protection can provide security cameras or cloud video to protect your business so you don’t have too.

Security Systems and Installation for Commercial office at Pace Protection
Security Systems and Installation for GOVERNMENT office at Pace Protection


Security systems are more important than ever. Pace Protection offers integrated enterprise keyless entry and access control solutions, CCTV, and fire systems to protect and secure your buildings, assets, employees, and the public. And because Pace Protection products and solutions will work with you to implement security system solutions for your facilities at the lowest negotiated fixed price.


Integrated access control systems and cloud video are critical in the healthcare market. If you are tired of dealing with large companies that refuse to provide timely service Pace Protection has the solution you need. Our seamless integration of keyless entry and camera systems provide the perfect combination you need to verify entry to any door in your facility with facial recognition. High public traffic and inventories of drugs put hospitals and other healthcare facilities at risk of violence, internal and external theft, and burglary. Today, stringent HIPAA guidelines make security even more critical. Pace Protection offers solutions that help healthcare facilities comply with HIPAA regulations and protect their property, assets, employees and patients.

Integrated Access Control Systems
Security Systems and Installation for ASSISTED LIVING FACILITIES at Pace Protection

Assisted Living

Pace Protection believes in protecting those we love. We protect your assisted living facility through a wide range of options from intercom systems to controlled access control and camera systems. Pace Protection provides unprecedented service for your account so you never have to worry about your access control system not working. You do not have to wait weeks for your assisted living facility to receive service. Our security systems come with 24/7 emergency service with no extra cost for nights, weekends, and holidays.


Religious buildings and non-profit organizations are just as big a target to criminals as retail or commercial businesses. Because of their welcoming atmosphere, thieves are often able to get in and get out of these areas with ease. Alarm monitoring and security cameras for churches are necessary to protect your place of worship. Pace Protection provides exclusive intelligent panic alarm systems to protect your church against active shooters.

Security Systems and Installation for CHURCHES At Pace Protection
Security Systems and Installation for RESTAURANT At Pace Protection


Restaurant owners have a special set of security concerns to contend with. Not only are burglary, vandalism, theft, and break-ins common issues, but so are fire alarms in hot kitchens and the threat of freezer and refrigerator malfunctions. Either of these risks, even if not disastrous, can impact your bottom line and daily operations heavily. If you are looking for a one-stop shop for your restaurant needs Pace Protection has the solution.


Pace Protection are known for providing the best school security systems in the market. We offer ideal protection against all the security risks faced by both students and faculty at grade schools, colleges, and universities. We realize how important school safety is and work to keep your educational facility safe both during school and after hours. We provide access control, camera systems, and active shooter solutions to tailor your district needs. No longer does your IT Department or maintenance team have to worry about fixing your school security repairs. Pace Protection provides solutions at an affordable cost for our school budgets in San Antonio and surrounding areas. To learn more, please call one of our trained security consultants for a free consultation.

Security Systems and Installation for SCHOOLS At Pace Protection
Security Systems and Installation for WAREHOUSE & DISTRIBUTION CENTERS At Pace Protection


Traditional security systems are limited by the size and layout of a distribution center. To establish comprehensive security, traditional systems must place multiple motion- based sensors throughout the facility to provide incomplete protection. Strategically placed, Pace Protection alarm system provides verified coverage — ideal for distribution centers. If you are tired of having different providers for your security, access control, CCTV, and fire systems needs. Pace Protection can provide all four solutions so you can only call one provider.


People trust financial service organizations to safeguard their money. These organizations trust Pace Protection to protect their property and people. Pace Protection provides customer security, access control, security camera, and fire system solutions. We offer complete coverage and the most reliable technology on the market to protect your tellers. We’ll give you that same level of security, service and support. We’ve worked side-by-side with businesses in San Antonio, Austin, Corpus Christi and the surrounding areas and look forward to hearing your unique challenges and forging solutions together.

Security Systems and Installation for DEALERSHIPS & RETAIL At Pace Protection
Security Systems and Installation for PAWN & GUN SHOPS At Pace Protection


Protecting your assets and equipment from theft, vandalism, and threats is a 24/7 job. Only Pace Protection can provide security guard level detail without the security guard cost. If you have a fenced area lot, Pace Protection can provide CCTV monitored cameras that will allow our operators to monitor your property and yard in real time. Only Pace Protection can provide a verified response that causes police to respond with 5 minutes to catch criminals unlawfully entering your facility. To learn more information please contact one of our security consultants for a free consultation.


For decades Pace Protection has protected pawn shops and gun shops from theft. Our UL custom made solutions provide the highest level security for a fraction of the cost. Pace Protection provides UL certificates to ensure your insurance company provides you the most competitive rate in the market.

Pawn & Gun Shops